EditNATION.com Punctuation and Grammar Quiz #9

EditNATION.com Punctuation and Grammar Quiz #9

Kind of a grab bag this week, with content from all over the map, from eBay to HuffPo to “professional” writers. Most of my material, however, came from one cluster of sites that were written by a “content marketer.” I’ll tell you what: if you don’t know the rules, you can’t write good content for yourself, much less anyone else.

Note: Quite a few of these mistakes could have been found by simply putting the content through Word.

1) Televerde will be a Titanium Sponsor at this years summit.

2) Our customized onsite business writing course is based on this simple principle: give staff the tools they need to write user-friendly and readable documents more efficiently and with less hassle.

3) Lead management is is all about creating “one funnel” for marketing and sales and aligning the teams around a shared process.

4) For the entire first year of your life, Cody, I kept wondering when the wonderment of being your mother would wear off.

5) Please pay by Feb-25-15, so the seller can ship the item to you, otherwise, the seller can cancel this order.

6) We have also experienced many of the challenges most CEO’s and business owners face with their outbound marketing, client relationship management and retention, and prospect follow up processes along with systems development and the solutions needed to achieve scale.

7) If you’re running a successful and productive company it’s highly likely you don’t have time to manage your facebook and twitter accounts, that’s where I come in.

8) A Floridian, she hails from a small town in north east Florida.

9) “Closing the Gap” to help small businesses have ‘large budget’ impacts with minimal spending.

10) Click the ‘Schedule a Meeting’ button below to view my schedule availability.

11) People want to see the person they are connecting with, they want to make sure you are the right connection they are searching for, why not make it easy for them.

12) If you met someone at a networking function, remind them how nice it was to meet them at that event and you’d like to be connected on LinkedIn. The worst thing you can do when reaching out to someone new is to send a connection request stating “Since you’re a person I trust, I’d like to add you as a connection on LinkedIn”.

13) If you have a target market, speak to them.

14) No, this is not endorsing. Which is the most overrated thing someone can do on LinkedIn. Its too easy to endorse someone. I’m referring to giving someone a recommendation. You should reach out and recommend at least 10 professionals you’ve done business with or can vouch for before you ask for a recommendation. Be specific in your recommendation as well. Don’t just use words like ‘awesome’, ‘hard-worker’, etc.