What a big fat mistake by Lowes!

This is why it is imperative to read your content one more time BEFORE you post it! Take a look.

Plus, looking at it again, the “but striking” phrase is surely parenthetical information, and so needs to be enclosed with commas. Sloppy all around.

KOHLER Devonshire™

The KOHLER Devonshire collection brings old-world design to the modern bathroom. By using a simple, but striking combating of curves and lines, its toilets, bath and pedestal sinks, faucets and accessories will make a distinctive visual impact in your bathroom.

How NOT to use quotation marks, compliments of The Huffington Post

Here we have a perfect storm of mistakes involving the use of quotation marks. This writer must have taken a page out of Grammarly.com’s playbook, since Grammarly claims that it doesn’t matter whether you use single or double quotes, but, of course, this being The Huffington Post, there’s even an added twist: a mistake in a mistake, if you will.

Take a look:

CNN host Anderson Cooper pointed out Wednesday night the ridiculousness of Donald Trump surrogate Newt Gingrich accusing Megyn Kelly of being “fascinated with sex”.

Here, Anderson Cooper is directly quoting Newt Gingrich. In other words, “fascinated with sex” are Gingrich’s words, not Cooper’s. There are four different people mentioned in this one sentence. In order for readers to understand who said what, we have to give proper attribution, which we do with the double-single/single-double quotation mark rule.

Mistake #1: the quotes themselves.

Rule: In American English, when person #1 directly quotes person #2, you use double quotes around person #1’s words and single quotes around what’s being quoted (person #2’s words), like so:

CNN host Anderson Cooper pointed out Wednesday night the ridiculousness of Donald Trump surrogate Newt Gingrich accusing Megyn Kelly of being “‘fascinated with sex’”.

Mistake #2: placement of the end quotes.

Rule: In American English, all quotes are placed OUTSIDE periods and commas. There are no exceptions.

This quote, correctly expressed, should look like this:

CNN host Anderson Cooper pointed out Wednesday night the ridiculousness of Donald Trump surrogate Newt Gingrich accusing Megyn Kelly of being “‘fascinated with sex.’”

This way we know exactly who said what.

Truth: Never look to The Huffington Post as an authority about American English. Grammarly.com, either. Or Wikipedia.com (its writers really are clueless!).

Hang on to your hat. Take a look at THIS!

Just when you think you’ve seen the worst editing ever, someone digs the hole just a little bit deeper. (Actually, this person took things to a whole ‘nuther level.)

Take a look. How many misspelled words can you find? How many other—basic—punctuation and grammar mistakes do you see?

Check back in a day or two, and let’s compare notes!


Welcome to Marketing on Main an event that is created by business owners for business owners!!

  • costumes
  • complementary candy
  • a full bar full of spookie cocktails
  • small to large business owners
  • career seekers
  • Live Raffle

Current Agenda 

6 PM – Doors open! There will be up to 20 Local businesses showcasing products and services, and along with access to gourmet food by chef craig, and John with Pizza SRQ

6:30 PM – Dr Phillip Nikao, Doctor of Psychology/LifeCoach at Body Mind Wellness Centre, will be speaking at 6:30 for 5 minutes – His passion and life-purpose is elevating the human condition. Especially, in the form of impacting and motivating entrepreneurs and leaders.

7 PM – First round of raffle winners announced! Sarsota Underground starts live streaming and interviews!

7:30 PM – Raj Doraisamy, CEO of RD media Labs will be sharing motivation on strategies on how you can get out of own way to actually see how amazingly powerful, attractive, capable, interesting you can truly be. 

Special suprise by Aikido Sarasota 

8 PM – Finish up the night with the finally round of raffles!

*other special guests:

– Dj Joey D With 11 Productions will be mixing the music!

– MLG Event Draping and Designs will be helping with decoding the event for and elegant halloween vibe!

– Sarasota Underground will be streaming live, educating, entertaining, and making a difference! If you would like a chance to be interviewed make sure you fill out the questionair on Eventbrite! 

 250 guests receive FREE admission! 

 Ticket Add-on Options

1.Gourmet Wristbands – Guest will have unlimted assess to gourmet plates during the event

  • (Chef Craig – gourmet pumpkin favored platas,  creeps and gellato    )
  • (Pizza SRQ – Infusd cuisine with pure oils enhanced flavors while adding therapeutic properites to his signature dishes)
  • (The Social Edge – Fruits, veggies, and cupcakes)

2. Raffle tickets – $2 each or 20 tickets for $20 – will enter you into a drawling to will local prizes, and services with Sarasota priemer businesses

 Vendor tables are still available

Then you will want to sign up to have a Vendor Table. (Cost $42 & Invite 10 guests)

  • There is limited spots available (20 vendors)
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  • Each business is featured on the facbeook page that is seen on avg 13K locals

Exhibit. Sip. Socialize. Relax. Win Prizes.

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EditNATION.com Quiz: October 7, 2016

As I’ve often remarked, when a writer doesn’t know a rule, he or she will make the same mistake, over and over and over again.

Interestingly—but not surprisingly—the first sentence in this quiz is from one of my all-time best contributors, and he gave me the link to the company featured in items 2-22. He used that first sentence to promote the website where I found all this other content! I was thrilled!

Perhaps people who don’t care about the purity of their content all stick together; I don’t know (or care).

Please note: some of these items will have more than one mistake.

  1. If you do webinars for your business, this is pure GOLD for you because it will make you so much more money, you’re head will spin.
  2. ONE TIME OFFER – Only $47: Want the powerpoint and keynote files I use to make the Perfect Webinar? It’s proven to work and all you have to do, is add the information about YOUR product and you’ll be ready to start selling! Click YES to add this to your order now for just $47! (This offer is not available at ANY other time or place)
  3. Search page templates based on keywords, such as “red” or “dark”.
  4. Below the thumbnail image of your page, there is a yellow button which reads “Edit Page”.
  5. In the email integration settings, you will manage the integration with your 3rd party email autoresponder or webinar service.
  6. Select a custom domain for your page. (The custom domain must first be integrated in your Account Settings)
  7. Before you start designing your pages it is important to understand the Page Editor Hierarchy.
  8. Delete the row. (This is permanent. There is no Undo action for this).
  9. If you have integrated with a 3rd Party Autoresponder, check to make sure that the lead was added there as well.
  10. However, in some cases, the way that you design your pages to be viewed on a desktop or laptop screen, may not look the way you intended on Mobile.
  11. In this article, you will learn how to setup your first sales funnel, test it using a test credit card, and then make it live so you can immediately accept sales.
  12. For Subscription based products, you will first need to log into your Stripe account and set up the subscription.
  13. Next you will want to write your Fulfillment E-mail.
  14. This is the e-mail your customer will receive as soon as they purchase your product.
  15. When you added the product to your Order Form it automatically created a Product Specific Thank You page that will be used to deliver your product.
  16. Now to test out your funnel..
  17. Congratulations, Your First Sales Funnel Is Setup!
  18. While people often use different names to describe this page, the goal for all of them is the same: offer an ethical bribe in exchange for someone giving you their email address.
  19. After they give you their email address, they are then taken to the second page in this funnel, your download page.
  20. The company already integrates with most of your favorite payment providers, so now all you have to do is setup each page in your sales funnel.
  21. After your visitor registers for your webinar, then you can custom design the confirmation page telling them the date and time of your webinar as well as any other information you’d like to add to that page.
  22. You can also setup email sequences that get triggered based on what they do while they are one the webinar.






On Parenthetical Information and Compound Phrases.

This is a grab bag of two lessons from three sources.

The first lesson is about commas.

Great comma lesson from Michael Hyatt:

I created my online course, Free to Focus, so that you can forget about “doing it all” and do what matters instead.

The online course title in this sentence, “Free to Focus,” is in between commas, which means it is considered “parenthetical information”; that is, information that’s nice to know, but not necessary to the sentence.

But here’s the deal about parenthetical information: you must be able to remove it—entirely—from the sentence and still have a sentence that makes sense.

Here’s another example:

My mother, Susan, died last year.

Can you remove my mother’s name and still have a sentence that makes sense?

Let’s see: My mother died last year.

Yup, that makes sense.

Can you remove the title of Mr. Hyatt’s online course and have a sentence that makes sense? Yes, you can; that is, if this is the only online course that Mr. Hyatt offers. I only have one mother (“had,” unfortunately, should be the verb, but it’s still too early to go there), so, yes, her name is parenthetical information and must be enclosed in commas.

But what if I was talking about my cat Dorothy, who is one of two cats I own?

I took my cat, Dorothy, to the vet yesterday.

Removing “Dorothy” from the sentence still leaves me with a workable sentence, but because I have two cats that sentence doesn’t tell my reader which of my two cats went to the vet. We have to be precise; we have to avoid ambiguity. Since I have two cats, I’d have to write this:

I took my cat Dorothy to the vet yesterday.

Precise. Unambiguous.

Okay, so what about Mr. Hyatt? The fact of the matter is that Mr. Hyatt offers multiple online courses. So, if you remove the parenthetical information, you have a confusing sentence because you don’t know which course he’s talking about. In other words, the so-called parenthetical information is actually necessary to the sentence. The sentence should read:

I created my online course Free to Focus so that you can forget about “doing it all” and do what matters instead.

The second lesson examines compound words: when are phrases hyphenated, two words, or one word?

American English is in a constant state of flux, but “flux” doesn’t happen all that fast. Sometimes you have compound phrases that are two words as a verb, but one word or hyphenated as a noun and adjective. Examples would be sit in (verb form “sit in,” but “sit-in” as a noun and adjective), mix up (“mix up” as a verb, but “mix-up” as a noun and adjective), and hit and run (“hit and run” as a verb, but “hit-and-run” as a noun and adjective).

Here, a company named ProPay has jumped from the hyphenated form of sign-up to one word, which is okay, though visually it doesn’t work in a big way with all forms (see the example below). The company did use the correct, two-word version as a noun, though, and all in the same sentence—good job!

From ProPay:

This is a perfect example of signup/sign up use:

Fast and easy signup process—sign up in as few as 10 minutes or less.

One company whose website content I’ve been reading is ClickFunnel. ClickFunnel thinks that “optin” is now one word. I disagree. “Opt-in,” in my opinion, should be hyphenated as a noun, and two words as a verb.