You know what they say about “assume….”

You know what they say about “assume,” don’t you?

Most people who have websites use a hosting company. Oftentimes, that hosting company writes the content for the website. The hosting company’s clients assume that they are getting solid, knowledgeable writing, with all those I’s dotted and T’s crossed.

Well, my friends, it ain’t necessarily so. In fact, some of the worst writing comes directly from website developers, businesses that are advertising themselves as “content writers” and “copy editors.” Just take a look at the quizzes I post: most of those sentences come directly from internet-related service businesses. When I come across an error-riddled website, I immediately take a look at the company that “hosts” or “powers” it. And, lo and behold! That company’s content is just as awful as its client’s site.

Here are some examples of a website designer’s content.

What’s the matter with these sentences? Answer: enough.

  1. Are you a small to medium sized business trying to make it in the world of marketing?
  2. We began offering internet marketing services along with website development after opening its first office in Ellenton, Florida in 2008.
  3. As a small business owner with a website, you have probably heard the term “SEO”.
  4. Located in Bradenton, Florida on the beautiful Gulf Coast, we serve clients all over the state of Florida.
  5. Bill was introduced to the water treatment industry in 2003 when he was approached by a large water filter distributor to organize their sales department and warehouse procedures.