Worst Writing EVER!

Unbelievable. No wonder the email that introduced me to this website landed in my spam box. At first I thought they were poor, uneducated people from a third-world country, but it turns out that “Whois” says the site is registered in Louisiana. Ahem.

The site is “www.bestcontenthelp.com.” What a scam!

Just look at this horrible writing! And this is just the homepage!!

Run-on sentence:

We know the importance of time in business hence we promise to deliver all our services well within the stipulated time.

Misspelled word, run-on sentence, and missing period:

We offer the industry’s best online support, we remiain committed to your betterment hence we are always online, giving you the power to get in touch whenever required


More than often most businesses lack industry knowledge or communication skills that set the tone of documentations.

Misspelled word. How the hell do you misspell “word”?

We are here to offer our services to give your wqords the power of conviction.

Noun-pronoun mistake (“team” is a collective noun), and two misspelled words, and isn’t “concise” and “to the point” the same darn thing?

Our team of experts know how to write engaging content for your blogs that is conscise and to the point, making sure it angages the user to initiate contact with your website.

Oh, boy! Yeah, you sure have “experience” and know my “audience” all right!

Having years of expereince in the online field we have the right skills and attitude to creatively write web content that helps you communicate with your audence with clarity and authority.

It just gets worse and worse! In just one sentence their “team” manages to misspell “informative,” “writing” (twice), “impression,” and “audience” (for the second time on the homepage, but in a different way than the first time!):

Our team of highly informativbe writers know the art of writng press releases that are a perfect combination of digital journalism and business wrting to make a lasting mpression on the audeince.

What an incredible run-on sentence, with the very attractive “the their” at the end:

We create engaging and creative ebooks that help you educate your target audience without explicitly stating your business while all the while hinting that your business is the best fit for the their problem.

Oh, but you can trust ’em, see, ’cause they’ve done got a testimonial! Why, jus’ lookee here:

BellBeau Capital Being in the business for client servicing we need to develop too much content too quickly, Best Content Help has always been there to deliver their services and has always won us over. Thank you Best Content Help for your relentless services.

Cornelius McCarthy Business Unit Head

“Relentless services”! Too much!